We understand Brand Chemistry.

We specialize in areas such as advertisement, public and private sector marketing, market research, event management, media management, business development and public relations.

Why Choose Us

We are More than just your social media marketing company

Our social media advertising services have been tested and proven to accelerate growth and pair well with our social media management service.

We have skilled and dedicated social media marketing team consisting of highly motivated members who are commited to ensuring our clients receive the best possible exposure on various social media forums.

We believe a Brand is more than just a Logo, It's an experience

Our brand is something that has a clear-out identity among consumers and for our brand to endure it has to be tested and redefined.

We are specialists in developing a Corporate Brand Identity that interacts with your audience through a functional design. This is achieved through creative development process. Where we brand your product to suit specific tastes and preferences of the target customers.

Our Services

Corporate Brand Management

We are specialists in the development of Corporate Brand Identity that interacts with your audience through a functional design. This is achieved through the creative development process where we brand your product to suit specific tastes and preferences of the target consumers.

Event Management

We can plan, organise and execute memorable events. Our events management team is a vibrant blend of youth and experience that give you fresh, novel and inovative perspective about your events and functions. This is coupled with deeper strategies to make your events successful and the trending topic on the social scene.

Media Management

We are currently tasked with the Media Management and monitoring of various Blue Chip Companies, Embassies, NGOs and Government Agencies. We have the capacity to manage and monitor all media channels for institutions to meet their specific needs, who intend to receive feedback from their target audience.

Market Research

As a business unit, we understand the current global market dynamics: hence the vital need for constant research. At IQM, we view the business from a client perspective and take into account all their view points. This is done through constant and timely market research.

Public Relations and Communication

Our Public Relations and Communication team comprises of robust individuals who handle communication and provide viable communication solutions to the clients. Our goal is to ensure that through effective communication and PR strategies, our clients get understood by the public and this is done in the most impactful and appropriate target media.

Graphic Design & Animations

Our graphic designers are of the highest quality and at the same time attractive and communicate the message that the clients need to communicate. We offer the same kind of commitment and quality in our animation services mainly motion graphics and 3D animation.

Global leader in marketing communications

Key attention to detail and outstanding organizational skills are the impetus of our team. We are proud to associate ourselves with successful projects such as the KISIMA Awards, Kalasha Awards for the Kenya Film Commission & Google in-house events.

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Outdoor Branding

Targeting commuting and captive pedestrians, street ads deliver advertising messages to the target audience day and night. When illuminated, they take advantage of heavy traffic flowing through our transport networks, leading to inescapable brand exposure.


Our Approach

Our approach to marketing and business development is very straight forward. We think of ourselves as entrepreneurial innovators and project managers rather than marketing consultants
Intensely dedicated staff
Relentless effort
Superior execution
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